We Care

…that indigenous peoples are respected for their cultures, values, and languages; supported to define and achieve maximum success locally and globally.

We Are

… an asset-based social enterprise grounded in the strength of Pacific Islanders to succeed locally and globally.

We Advance

…the success of Pacific Islanders everywhere while educating others about Pacific Island values, cultures, and people.

We Impact

…educational equity for youth, the social and cultural well-being of communities, and development of leaders as hallmarks of success.

We Need

…partners who believe in Pacific Focused’s vision by taking an active part in supporting our efforts by donating what you can. Be assured that 100% of your gift will go towards the intended purpose as designated by you.

Our Guiding Principles

What Guides our Decisions

Informing Strength

We focus on the strength of indigenous knowledge systems, cultures, languages, and values to balance the narrative of deficit about Pacific Islanders.

Building Connections

We build connections with those who wish to level the playing field for Pacific Islanders while developing competencies in self-advocacy and community organizing.

Powering Success

We aspire to the Pacific Islander value that the true hallmark of success for any individual person is defined by the prosperity of one’s community locally and globally.

Our Projects

How We Do Things

What We Are

Learn about our vision, mission, and story.

Our Vision

Pacific Focused envisions a world in which indigenous peoples are able to practice their cultures and languages proudly locally and globally.

Our Mission

The mission of Pacific Focused is to advance indigenous Pacific Island education, values, and languages locally in a global environment.

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